About Us

Burt Lockhart and Mike Suver have been building homes together in the Seattle area for more than 25 years. Fine craftsmanship and a client-centered approach have always been the hallmark of their success. The Lockhart|Suver Home Service team was born of a recognition that, no matter how well you build a home, it is ultimately the care and maintenance that you put into it that keeps it looking great and performing flawlessly for generations to come.

We assembled a team of friendly and professional craftsmen who are dedicated to maintaining the homes we build. Are you looking for someone to install a new porch or decorative crown molding? Solve a problem with your home audio system or lighting controls? Handle unexpected repairs? We can help you with any task on your list.

Dreaming of a new home or large-scale remodel? We’d love to talk with you about how we could turn your dream into a reality. Check out our main site at www.lockhartsuver.com for more information – and inspiration.

More about Lockhart|Suver Home Service’s Commitment Our Commitment

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