Bellevue Residence

Bellevue, Washington


    Bellevue Residence

    The owners wanted a modern home with timeless materials and expansive light-filled spaces.   DeForest Architects designed a solution that required a ground-up remodel of their old home to transform a conventional suburban house into a stunning concrete, steel and glass modern dwelling.  A soaring glass window wall with large sliding doors opening out to the elevated deck opens the home to an eagle’s nest view West to the Olympic mountains and Seattle skyline.  Despite the floor to ceiling glass the design preserves privacy from neighbors.  The home features “switchable” glass at the entry to provide instant privacy or a dramatic view through the house at the touch of a switch. The owners desired reduce the environmental impact of replacing a house so the existing structure was de-constructed to minimize the volume of materials sent to the waste stream, the new home was designed with less space to heat, energy efficient heating and a planted roof.

    Bellevue, Washington

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    DeForest Architects

    Robin Chell Design

    Landscape Architect:
    Randy Allworth

    Benjamin Benschneider Photography


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