Queen Anne Bathroom

Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, Washington


    Queen Anne Bathroom

    This bathroom was the result of a long-term collaboration between the owner and the designer-builder. Twenty years earlier, we built the “before” bathroom. After years of serving the family well, it was time for a rejuvenation. The owner desired to update the bathroom in both style and function and challenged us to find a way to create a larger and less confining shower and to open up as much space as possible in the small room. Original beveled-glass windows had to stay, the owner insisted on maintaining the awkwardly located laundry chute and moving walls was out of the question.

    Working within these constraints, the design cleverly created more physical space and added perceptual space – the new room feels much larger than the old bath. The tub, intended as a freestanding tub, sits tight against a wall partially “embedded” in a tile and stone tub deck. Shrinking the tub deck allowed the toilet to shift a precious few inches to accommodate a new larger shower. The frameless glass shower enclosure feels more open and less imposing than its smaller tile-walled predecessor. A wall-to-wall bank of mirrors visually doubles the size of the room. The old full height closet was eliminated and three new large medicine cabinets now provide storage. Above the pedestal lav a custom picture-framed medicine cabinet is flanked by a pair of sconces. The stone vanity counter top was precisely cut from the slab to feature the lively diagonal veining pattern, and carefully seamed to ensure the veining flows continuously across and down to the tub deck.
    Subtle colors and textures of the tile floor, tile wainscot, tile accent band, stone, paint, and wall covering complement each other to create a sensual experience. The bathroom also provides a beautiful backdrop for several of the owner’s favorite art pieces. The bathtub and pedestal sink become sculptural elements in the space.
    The resulting bath is elegant but not formal, modern with a nod to tradition, relaxing and functional – a wonderful new bathroom that should hold up for another twenty years.

    Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, Washington

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    Elizabeth Lockhart


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